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A Look Into Mental Health in the Black Community

Did you know that 20% of African Americans will experience mental health problems? Why is it that one believes that receiving therapy is a sign of weakness? Seeking help from a therapist through a traumatic experience will assist you in establishing mechanisms to cope with everyday situations. Many of us seek counseling from our church Pastor, friend, or family. Going to therapy is the same, it provides you with a personal life coach, which will help you jump over the hurdles that life throws your way giving you the inspiration, and encouragement to keep standing.


Teen Suicide

Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among teens and young adults in the United States. There are no significant guides or tools to help your loved ones to catch it before it happens. We understand and know that things have changed for our youth, and the foundation that once was is diminishing. It is important to understand that when life starts to become hard, and you begin to see a long dark tunnel, not being able to see the steps needed to reach to the light at the end. Always remember that there is hope. Here at Greater Heights Behavioral Health, we are determined to take that bag of weight, eliminating each brick, until you can fly on your own.

Features: Recent News
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