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Meet the CEO

Lori Hackett as a little girl has always dreamed of opening her own mental health facility. She caters to helping others reach their greater height within this precious life that God has given. She has encountered her dark days, but always believed that her journey was a part of her purpose. Lori Hackett has well over 15 years working within the healthcare industry, and she has recognized the pitfalls within the healthcare system. For this, she has dedicated her time and effort to see that every patient receives adequate care. Lori Hackett received her Associate, Bachelor, and master’s degree in business with a concentration in Healthcare Management from AIU University. She has also completed a various of classes in clinical psychology for her master’s at Walden University. She is now completing her Ph.D. In Education in Leadership and Learning-Health Care Administration and Leadership from Aspen University. Lori Hackett is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, honor society chapter Sigma Alpha Pi. She is a person that is determined to beat the odds and staying focused to make a difference within the community. Lori is known to inspire and motivate others, allowing them to realize their greatest potential, always giving a hand to pull someone else up. Lori has a vision and plan to change the stigma of behavioral health, she believes that we all need someone to talk to, and to be kept confidential. Sometimes it takes a second eye, to help us see things different, to align us on the path to reach our greatest potential.

Meet the Owner: About Us
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