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About Us

At Greater Heights Behavioral Health, we provide our patients with access to state-of-the-art facilities along with the most experienced and resolute behavioral health professionals. In 2020, Greater Heights Behavioral Health, began its journey of developing a program and facility that will be effective within the services it provides, but also establishing an effective outcome within a client's journey towards reaching their fullest potential.
Our mission is to change the stigma of mental health, not categorizing it as a mental disease, but viewing it as a chance to get the tools needed to see life from a different Lens. Providing quality care in a safe environment, standing on the qualities that we believe in, treating those as though we would like to be treated. This has provided us with a reputation as the best Center for Behavioral Health in the areas that we service.
Our personalized treatment services allow us to manage any situation you may be experiencing. We are here to help and assist you to jump over this hurdle within your life journey, allowing you to see that over this mountain, there is sunshine.

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The Clinic: About Us
A Supportive Hug

Our Story

Greater Heights Behavioral Health, was established due to the changes that were needed within the healthcare industry. There is a stigma that goes along side of the word’s behavioral health, which allows many to walk away and set a clear description of what an individual must become to enter a mental healthcare facility. Greater Heights Behavioral Health is determined to change the stigma that has been developed and educate those of its true meaning. Any problem that life throws you, can knock anyone off their journey, sometimes we need someone on the outside of the problem or situation to provide us with a clear view. Greater Heights Behavioral Health believe in setting a standard that will help all, giving them clear methods that will help them understand their personal journey.

The Clinic: About Us

Who Do We Service

Our Community


Here at Greater Heights Behavioral Health, we strive in serving our community. This includes are a Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Veterans, Doctors, Nurses, Professional Athletes, Actors, Actress, or everyday worker. We at some point in our lives need positive reinforcement to assist us on this journey called life. At Greater Heights Behavioral Health, we make it appoint to provide you with the necessary tools needed, taking each step with you to assist you in reaching your greatest potential.

The Clinic: Our Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote mental well-being by supporting, educating, and providing services that will empower individuals. Providing positive resources, and education that will enhance the quality of life for the individual, as well as giving the tools needed to enhance and face their situation. It is important for Greater Heights Behavioral Health, to be a positive influence within every life we touch, setting a standard for excellence in the treatment of mental health, with no judgement. While, striving to be a leader in the behavioral health industry, being culturally competent in the services that we provide with compassion and innovation.

The Clinic: About

Our Vision

We envision to educate and broaden the understanding of mental health. Shutting down the stigma and bringing forth a behavioral health service that all individuals and their families can successfully realize their potential and pursue their dreams to live a fulfilled life.

The Clinic: About Us
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